Recommendation for a weekend mocktail recipe!

Many cocktail masters have been influenced by Öun sparkling craft drinks to make an exciting and delicious mocktail. One of those locations that have created a fantastic Öun Redcurrant Sparkling Drink mocktail recipe is Terminal Records & Bar, located in Tallinn's Telliskivi neighborhood.

The unique aspect of Pear Jam, which was created especially for Tallinn Cocktail Week, is that it only uses Estonian ingredients. Our Redcurrant Sparkling Drink provides the color and taste nuance of the mocktail. The authors of the drink from the Terminal record store/bar share our understanding - the cocktail does not always have to contain alcohol to taste great.

The drink masters share with us the lesson on how to make a mind-blowing mocktail.

Pear Jam

A step by step guidance on how to make the mocktail.

Vajaminevad töövahendid

1) Necessary tools and ingredients

6cl Öun Redcurrant sparkling drink
4cl Lahhentagge Flâneur Gin
1cl Pear syrup (or a handful of fresh pear pieces and a little sugar)
A small handful of cranberries

2) Crush the pear pieces in a shaker, add a lace of Lahhentage Gin, ice, and one tablespoon of sugar syrup (50/50 sugar to hot water.

Shake strong so that the flavours come out of the pear, and the sugar syrup will mix with gin.

4) Drain the drink from the shaker into a glass full of ice, add Öun Redcurrant Sparkling Drink until the glass is full.

5) Decorate the cocktail to your liking.

NB! And if for some reason the drink doesn't work out well, Terminal Records & Bar will prepare a drink for you on-site.

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