As our name says, apple is our main inspiration and cornerstone. We believe in magic of Estonian nature which provides apples with exactly the right taste: the taste of Estonian summer – crisp, slightly sour and sweet. We are convinced that the Estonian apple is unique in the whole wide world and that is the reason why we stand by its worth, protect and love it.

In every autumn we harvest organic apples from Saaremaa and the mainland. The very same apples which hold the warmth of the previous summer. We press and pasteurise juice with our soul, respect and full commitment, and we do it all with our own hands. A generous amount of berries and other fresh garden flavours are added to bring you a real taste sensation. Our cherry on top for the drinks are the sparkling bubbles.

And ready it is! Organic craft drink in Saaremaa style which adds a bit of excitement to everyday routine and turns an ordinary celebration into a really memorable day.

öun meie lugu

Our values

We are honest and reliable partners

We care about the local environment and natural products

We are proud of our Saaremaa origin

We respect good taste and enjoy creating a festive feeling